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Hemera’s Consulting division provides a range of services through its panel of experts & professionals with several years of experience. We are known for our ethical approach, attention to detail and providing to the client with an honest, unbiased, and truthful opinion.

We are a values-driven organization and aspire to meet the highest professional, legal, and ethical standards.Our team of consultants include professionals from the field of Operations, Finance, Technology, Business – both from Private & Public Sectors.

Range of services include:

•   Strategy&Management

•   Operations&Financial Advisory

•   Information & Technology

•   Security & Loss Prevention

•   Industrial Safety

•   Infrastructure Development

•   Urban Planning

•   Turn Key Project Management

Hemera with its experience & associations in front ending several public sector projects, in Smart Cities, Urban Development, and Transportation etc. provides a platform to offshore companies. It handholds, advice and consult them to establish & flourish in the Indian Market.
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