About Us

Hemera is a global sourcing and trading house with a focus in agricultural commodities, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as energy commodities. Hemera compliments it’s trading business by providing advisory services to clients in the areas of commodity and currency risk management, trade finance, and growth strategy.

Hemera Group operates globally through three major hubs: Singapore, India and the USA. Spear-headed by senior professionals and a diverse global trading team, Hemera commenced global operations in 2010 through the following group and associate entities:

Hemera International Pte Ltd (Singapore), Hemera Global Trade Private Limited, Hemera India Private Limited (India), Hemera Global Advisors LLC (Nevada) and in collaboration with various global partners including Argonaut Global Capital LLC (Boston), Indcap Advisors Pvt Ltd (India), Quadra Commodities SA, and JapanEdge Limited(Japan).

Hemera Global Trade Private Limited is a member of ABCCI (Association Of Business Chambers Of Commerce And Industry) and actively participates in the Seminars/workshops/conferences to augment the information exchange in domain of trade and industry along with Networking and facilitation with other esteemed organisations.

Hemera supports an environment of innovation, diversity and equal opportunity. Hemera works passionately to understand the complexities of markets and our clients to structure solutions and execute with a high level of integrity.

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