About Us

Hemera is a global group operating in ten different countries across Europe, Asia, and America through a network of its own employees and associates.

We provide supply chain solutions to corporates and financial institutions in the form of product sourcing and distribution, access to trade finance which includes suppliers and buyer’s credit, factoring , voyage financing , inventory financing , ECA backed loans etc.

Hemera through its affiliated trade finance fund “Trade Credit Partners” (https://tradecreditlp.com) also specialises in financing and management of distress receivables in supply chain supply chain.

We also use our deep domain knowledge for providing risk and strategic advisory to corporates and financial institutions across continents to partner in their growth. We work with our clients for empowering and uplifting humanity.

Hemera compliments its large presence and exposure to global supply chain by being a significant player in the global medical supply business supporting the dynamic health challenges of the world.

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