Commodity Trading

Hemera trades in both coking and non-coking coal. Hemera partners with producers in Indonesia, South Africa and Australia to mitigate uncertainties in the supply chain of coal. Hemera services the power generation sector and steel manufacturers in India and China. We intend to be a significant supplier/importer of coal in India and China in coming years.

Hemera connects producers and consumers of soy, corn, sunflower seed oil, sugar, raw cotton and wheat. We operate in an integrated manner to bring full post-cultivation services to our clients. We deliver through dependable sourcing channels and a network of global distributor

Hemera trades both ferrous and non-ferrous metals like copper, alumina and zinc in global markets. There is a great opportunity in Asian countries like India and China to import, store and distribute metals. Hemera has a vision to become a premier copper and zinc distribution company in the region. We intend to be a valuable trade partner to regional SME buyers. Hemera has deep knowledge of global steel markets and supplies steel scrap, flat and long products to large buyers in Asia and Europe.

Hemera Group deals in a wide range of chemicals sourced from global manufacturers, suppliers and traders. Hemera’s chemicals business is classified in the following categories:

Commodity chemicals
Speciality chemicals and additives
Fluorine and Fine chemical

Polyurethane is one of the most versatile materials known to mankind. Through tight control of the material’s characteristics it can be used exactly as the customer requires. Taking note of the growing demand of this material in the emerging economies, Hemera has secured the exclusive distributorship of the products of Polyurethane Ltd (, the largest polyurethane company in Israel, and one of the leading providers of all solutions to the polyurethane industry.

Hemera has been appointed as the Exclusive Distributor for the markets of India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Singapore. As a result of this venture, we are able to provide a broad spectrum of polyurethane systems to meet the needs of specific industry applications.

Polyurethane is a chemical substance that finds application in a number of industries ranging from apparel manufacturing to automotive industry. We will also be the suppliers of the raw materials i.e., isocyanate and polyols, collectively called as Polyurethane Systems, to the firms that manufacture rigid polyurethane foams.