Commodity Trading

Agricultural Commodities

Hemera brings together producers and consumers of agri commodities, such as cotton, sunflower seed oil, soybeans, sugar, wheat, and more, from diverse regions of the world. Our operations are integrated and comprehensive, providing full post-cultivation services to our clients. With dependable sourcing channels and a robust network of global distributors, we ensure seamless delivery of our products. At Hemera, we take pride in facilitating international trade and providing a suitable channel for distribution of essential commodities, thereby not only bolstering the Indian economy but also supporting the development of other economies.

Metals and Minerals

Hemera is a key player in the global market for both ferrous (such as iron and steel) and non-ferrous (like aluminium, copper, and zinc) metals in various forms. The Asia region holds vast reserves of metals such as iron, coal, dolomite, lead, zinc, silver, and gold, making it a natural destination for the mining and metallurgy industry. In order to capitalize on this advantage, it is crucial to strengthen the capacity of the sector through technology development and innovation. Steel, in particular, has historically held a dominant position among metals. As a raw material and intermediate product, its production and consumption are widely seen as indicators of economic progress and industrial development, and it forms the backbone of any economy. Hemera aspires to be a valuable trade partner to regional and global metal buyers, leveraging its deep knowledge of global steel markets and reliable supply chain to contribute to overall international trade and development.

Energy Sources

At Hemera, we pride ourselves on our ability to facilitate the trade of energy sources, both non-renewable (like oil, coal etc) and renewable (like solar, hydro), from across the globe. By partnering with suppliers from major oil-producing regions, we ensure that oil importing nations can depend on a reliable and steady supply, despite potential uncertainties in the market. We have recently onboarded with state owned suppliers like SOCAR (The State Oil Company of the Republic of Azerbaijan) as well as private players like BAPCO (The Bahrain Petroleum Company) for bridging the gap between the oil exporting countries and the oil importing nations. This is only the start of our vision to add value by delivering the right goods to the right place, at the right time.In addition to our efforts in the oil industry, Hemera also trades in both coking and non-coking coal. By partnering with producers in Indonesia, South Africa, and Australia, we aim to mitigate any supply chain uncertainties that may arise in the coal industry. Our services cater to the power generation sector and steel manufacturers in India and China, with the goal of becoming a significant supplier and importer of coal in both countries in the coming years. 

Chemicals & Additives

At Hemera Group, we have established ourselves as a prominent player in the global chemicals trade by sourcing top-quality products from leading manufacturers, suppliers, and traders. Our chemicals business spans a wide range of categories, including commodity chemicals, specialty chemicals and additives, fluorine, and fine chemicals. At Hemera, we believe in forging long-lasting partnerships with our clients and offering exceptional services that meet their unique needs.