Trade Finance

At Hemera, we have fostered strong and valuable relationships with numerous reputable Public and Private sector Banking Institutions, Global Funds, Insurers and Forfaiting companies. Our collaboration with these entities allows us to provide our clients with a seamless and efficient experience. We understand that optimal resource management and cost-effectiveness are essential to a company’s success, which is why we offer strategic advisory services that enable corporates and entrepreneurial initiatives to balance financial outcomes and achieve long-term sustainability.

As an authorized agent for Hamburg Commercial Bank in Asia, we are equipped to provide Export Credit Agency (ECA) backed loans to our clients for the import of capital goods from Germany and other EU countries. These loans are designed to cover multiple areas such as new production facilities, expansion of existing production facilities, modernization of existing production facilities, construction of infrastructure and energy projects, ship finance, project finance and trade purposes.

Furthermore, our affiliation with Trade Credit Partners, a global trade finance fund based in the Cayman Islands and managed from the USA, strengthens our ability to provide tailored¬† solutions to our clients’ specific financial needs. We believe in leveraging our extensive network of relationships to help our clients achieve their goals and navigate the complexities of the financial landscape.¬†